Antique Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

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Antique Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

It seems to be a popular thing to do, turning your Raspberry Pi into a streaming audio player for internet radio stations. However, I’m especially impressed with Florian Amrhein’s Digital Vintage Radio. The Oxford-based maker used the antique dials to control the volume and tune in stations, but the best part is how he used a screen behind the small window to display the stations. It mimics the look of the original radio’s frequency display disk, but it’s dynamically generated. To accomplish that, he used C and SDL to drive the display while using the popular Music Player Daemon (MPD) to stream the audio.

Watch the video above to see the radio in action. And if Florian’s radio has inspired you to make your own, you’re in luck; his website has detailed documentation of every part that went into the project.

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  1. brihyn says:

    I just finished my antique restore 4 days ago (this last weekend) but frankly, this one puts mine to shame. I feel the need to step up my builds a notch.
    And if you’re curious, and for my own shameless promotion, here’s the link to mine:

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