10 Raspberry Pi Projects to Celebrate 10 Million Pis

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced yesterday that they have sold their ten millionth unit. To celebrate, they have released an official starter kit which includes a book, a nice keyboard, a fantastic case, and an assortment of power adapters.

We’ve been long-time fans of the Raspberry Pi and have seen many great projects using it. We thought it would be fun to celebrate their ten millionth unit sold with 10 of our favorite Rasbperry Pi projects!


Raspberry Pi Photobooth

Everybody loves clowning in a digital photo booth at parties and weddings, then sharing the photos online. But who wants to risk a laptop getting doused with margaritas or champagne?


PiNoculars – Raspberry Pi binoculars

Upgrade your old pair of binoculars (or telescope, microscope, etc.) with a Raspberry Pi 2, a Pi camera, and an Adafruit LCD touchscreen to view and take photos.


Preserve Your Data in a Mason Jar

Use a Raspberry Pi mounted inside a mason jar for a down-home style backup device. The result is a Mason jar that preserves our most cherished family memories: a Raspberry Preserve!


Build a Wi-Fi Drone Disabler

This educational exercise is a great way to learn about interference and security.

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Raspberry Pirate Radio

A quick and simple modification turns your Raspberry Pi into a pirate radio station for broadcasting your private stream.

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Tiny Raspberry Pi Computer

Slide a Raspberry Pi powered mini laptop into your pocket! This tiny build is awe-inspiring.


Voice Command Roomba

You’re going to be shouting at your Roomba anyway, you might as well get it to do your bidding using a Raspberry Pi.


Beer Fridge of the Future

Are you tired of waiting for the refrigerator of the “future,” the one that companies have been teasing for years that auto-magically tells you what to get when you go to the store? Dust off that old Wii Balance Board, grab a Raspberry Pi, and build the future yourself.


Monitor Your Internet and Automatically Send Trouble Tickets if it Drops

If there’s one thing that’s the same about everyone’s broadband connection, it’s that it’s slow. Usually slower than it was advertised to be when you got it. But slow isn’t as irritating as sporadic, when you get constant drops and outages in your internet connection, it can drive you to frustration.


Real Raspberry Pie

Ok, not everyone is into electronics or is planning to make something with the Raspberry Pi development board. Why not make a real pie instead?

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