Building a Rustic Outdoor Shower for Informal Camp Life

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Building a Rustic Outdoor Shower for Informal Camp Life

Five years ago my family and I bought an undeveloped parcel of land on a beautiful lake in Ontario. After living on the land in less than luxurious conditions while the cabin was built, the time came for some of the more civilized comforts. Before buying the land my family and I were avid campers and while the cabin would be a step up the comfort ladder, our guiding principal was to keep the feel of simple living. We started with a shower bag in a tree and swimming in the lake for the next three years until this outdoor shower project came to the top of the to do list. Building the shower outdoors fits into our playful and informal camp life.

I built most of the shower at our city home with the plan of transporting it to the cabin. Because our cabin is accessed by water and up a rocky incline this necessitated a modular design. Once there, the assembly was quick.

I am very happy with the design and its working well, I intend to add a shelf for shampoo and a bench seat.

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Andrew Macklin

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Andrew Macklin is a amateur welder, carpenter, designer and maker since 1994. When he's not building or fixing something Andrew enjoys canoeing, reading and road trips.

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