Make Asks: What’s Your Craziest Electronics Score?

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Make Asks: What’s Your Craziest Electronics Score?
Photo: Arturo Yee/Flickr
Photo: Arturo Yee/Flickr


MAKE Asks: is a column where we ask you, our readers, for responses to maker-related questions. We hope the column sparks interesting conversation and is a way for us to get to know more about each other.


Every now and then it happens: You hear it through the grapevine, or read an impossibly great Craigslist ad, and wind up scoring the piece of equipment you’ve been looking for — or never knew you needed.

Everyone loves these stories, and we want to hear yours too. Ever gotten a massive piece of high-tech equipment for a steal at auction? Found a centrifuge in a dumpster? Bonus points if you had to fix it yourself.

Tell us your story — what you found, where, and how you were able to use it — in the comments (post your photos there too!) and we’ll feature our favorites at a later date.


Nathan Hurst is an editor at Make. He loves anything having to do with science or bicycling. He tweets as @nathanbhurst.

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