Making an Upcycled Sawdust Stove with Laura Kampf

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Making an Upcycled Sawdust Stove with Laura Kampf

If you are a woodworker you will know that one resource that will never run out is sawdust. I wanted to find a way to reuse all these bags of sawdust I had from previous projects on my planer and stumbled upon this very simple stove concept. You could basically use any round container to build it – had this old barrel and a couple of scrap metal pieces lying around and it worked perfect for this project.


Just try to compress the sawdust as much as you can and cover it with sand so it will burn evenly from the inside to the outside. My stove burned for about 4 hours.

This is a nice way to recycle your waste and it sure is a lot of fun to cook with!

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