We Won!

We Won!

Make: television Executive Producer Richard Hudson, Maker Workshop segment host John Edgar Park, and MAKE Editor and Publisher Dale Dougherty, proving that they can clean up well. Note Dale, the rebel, sans bow tie. Shocking!


John Park and his wife Erin Kelly Park (who’s contributed to MAKE). Nice dress, Erin!

Okay… ah… technically, we didn’t win the daytime Emmy in the “Outstanding Lifestyle Programming” category. We lost to Martha. [Shaking fist in Jon Stewart-like mock indignation:] “Damn you, Martha! Queen of all omnimedia!”

But we still feel like winners. We will, forevermore, get to say “the Emmy-nominated Make: television,” and that’s pretty darn cool. But really, we think the true winning nature of the show speaks for itself. It’s smart, funny, quirky, inspiring, and educational television (and how often does that happen?). We’re thrilled to be associated with it and feel so lucky to have hooked up with Richard Hudson and the amazing crew at tpt National Productions and with talented folks like John Park, Bill Gurstelle, and all the featured makers, who made the show so special.

And it looks like the group that went to the event had fun too; one of those rare Cinderella at the ball moments. Congrats to all!

Make: television

4 thoughts on “We Won!

  1. KentKB says:

    Martha Stuart is a DiY champion, and I think it is still a vote for the cause. When Mark Frauenfelder was on one her program she actualy seemed to enjoy the things that were presented and the exposure was huge, many times all the people who watched the all the Make shows combined .
    Perhaps the battle was lost but maybe the War is being won.
    Yes, I feel the nomination is fantastic, given the company it was in, I also hope that it will promote the show to have a second season, there I said it.
    Bravo Make: Television!
    You too John….
    Is there a place for a crotchety old boomer on the new series?
    Hmmm, where to look?

  2. Alan Parekh says:

    Looks like a fun event! Congrats on being Emmy-nominated.

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