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Artisan Wooden Robotic Arms
Kinohaguruma’s wooden robotic arm functions using a series of gears and levers
Kinohaguruma’s wooden robotic arm functions using a series of gears and levers

Nothings better than getting toys for your birthday when you’re a kid or even for adults too. Usually it’s a videogame, a new bike or new clothes that are given as gifts, however if you’re lucky enough to have Kinohaguruma as your father, you get works of art like the Wooden Robotic Arm he crafted for his son’s seventh birthday.

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The artist designed the arm using an intricate series of gears and levers painstakingly created using a drilling machine and a jigsaw. The gears were designed using a compass and protractor and after the rough cuts were made, he shaped them to perfectly fit together using a knife and sandpaper. Two levers are used to manipulate the arm in four degrees of freedom by engaging wooden pistons to move left, right, up and down. The left lever is used in tandem with the right for both movement and to actuate the claw to pick up various objects. Kinohaguruma even made an adjustable base to provide stability on various surfaces. Unfortunately for us, he isn’t selling the robotic arm so we’ll just have to stick with the plastic versions sold at Walmart. See more with the video…

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