Brass Tacks Woodworking – Kansas City

Brass Tacks Woodworking – Kansas City


As noted in the video below, most furniture is built on an assembly line. This has some appeal if you don’t see yourself keeping it for a long time, as it’s generally not built to last. Brass Tacks woodworking, based in Kansas City, Missouri, takes a much different approach, building quality furniture that they hope will still be around 200 years from now.

Their approach starts, naturally, with the wood, which is sourced from trees in city-owned properties. Their mill turns these locally-sourced logs into usable lumber, and then the right piece is selected for a particular project. According to the video’s narrator, “the way that the board looks will almost guide where that piece of furniture will end up.” Nearly all of the furniture made there is built to order, so if something unique is needed for your home or office, these guys can probably help.

These woodworking techniques were passed from father to son, and the resulting quality is something that should make the family proud. I’d think that the eventual owners of these masterpieces would also be proud or their furniture, hopefully for many generations!

Brass Tacks isn’t the only high-quality furniture manufacturer featured here recently. For more incredible-quality woodworking, check out my writeup on Mwanzi Co.

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