Create a Cheery Candy Sprinkles Cake Stand

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Create a Cheery Candy Sprinkles Cake Stand

Sprinkles cake stand with wooden base

Cake stands are great for showing off your baked creations, but they’re usually not all that interesting. Or at least I didn’t think they were until I saw an awesome candy sprinkle cake stand that Peter Brown crafted earlier this year. He created it by mixing sprinkles with glue and lathing a cherry wood base. It looked great, but it fell apart over time and Brown recently decided to take another crack at it and see what he could come up with.

Brown's previous candy sprinkle cake stand.
Brown’s first version of the candy sprinkle cake stand

Brown still planned to use the glue and cake sprinkle disc that he created last time, but he decided to add more wood for support. He started with just a flat piece of walnut (which is the type of wood he wanted to use for this cake stand originally) that he planed and then cut down so he could put two pieces together that would be wide enough for the sprinkle disc. He cut it out and then trimmed out a section on the lathe that was the perfect size for the disc to fit in.

After gluing the disc in place and adding some Castin’ Craft, it was time for my favorite part: lathing it to get the wood and sprinkle disc even. Obviously, when you lathe wood, sawdust and little bits of wood come off, but when you lathe this hardened resin mixture, you get awesome white stringy bits flying all over the place.


With a few more finishing touches, his beautiful candy sprinkle cake stand was complete and Brown was pleased with the results. While he doesn’t normally come back to old projects, I am glad he decided to rework it, as the outcome is beautiful.

Now, don’t forget to check out the video below to see the whole process and then check out his YouTube channel to see what else he’s made.

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