This Clever Secret Hiding Spot Looks Like an Antique Bookshelf

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This Clever Secret Hiding Spot Looks Like an Antique Bookshelf

Everybody loves secret stashes and hidey-holes. We’ve seen quite a few variations over the years here. This is an interesting new take on the old secret bookshelf stash. Instead of doing what you’d typically expect, hollowing out an old book, Keith Decent has approached the bookshelf stash in a new way. The books are actually a facade that slides out of the way revealing the entire shelf to be one large storage compartment.

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Keith Decent said:

Basically the book spines are laminated onto slats which are bound together and caught in a track inside the box, just like a roll-top desk, only sideways. I made this using scraps and things laying around my workshop, but will do my best to mention any alternative materials and tools that can be used to accomplish the project. Also, decorating the box is entirely up to the individual builder. I had some walnut panels and trim left over from an old broken cabinet, so I used those to give it an antique feel. I don’t really get into how I added the decoration because this guide is not really about how to apply trim to a box. 

You should subscribe to his YouTube channel to see more fun stuff like this. However, if you really want to dive into the nitty gritty of this build, Keith has supplied a step-by-step breakdown on Imgur of the entire process.

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