Carving a Massive Wooden Baseball Chair with Paul Jackman

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Carving a Massive Wooden Baseball Chair with Paul Jackman

Paul Jackman recently published a fantastic video on how he made a chair that looks like a giant baseball that’s been sawn in two. I loved it. I’m not a particularly big fan of baseball, nor do I think Jackman’s final result is especially stunning, but the video is magnificent. The pacing kept me engaged and actually taught me a ton about how the heck you would go about creating something with this shape.

See, making a giant wooden sphere is something that you might be fooled into thinking is easy, but it really isn’t. I saw the pictures he posted and started thinking to myself: “Huh, I hope that’s not going into a home,” and “Wait, how the heck did he do that?”

When he posted the video, all my questions were answered. Paul not only shared the process quite well but made me laugh and absolutely won a new subscriber. Good job Paul!

Here’s a closer look at exactly how to make perfect rings.


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