Portable Skateboard Ramps Double as Train Car, Boat

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Portable Skateboard Ramps Double as Train Car, Boat


From screwing roller skate wheels onto wooden boards, to repurposing dried-out swimming pools, to building backyard half-pipes, skateboarding has a rich history of DIY projects that have pushed the sport to new heights. Now, a video directed by the Zenga Bros celebrates that homemade history by featuring a series of portable sculptures that function as DIY skateboard ramps.

Skateboarding is inherently about adapting and repurposing the urban landscape, but somehow even skateboarding can settle into a complacent state, where certain approaches become the norm. When street skating first started it was weird and abrasive, and that’ll always be there with wheels rattling down the sidewalk, but it’s good to remind ourselves to maintain a sense of foolishness, exploration and wonder; that is skateboarding. For us, making a backyard ramp was the ultimate form of creating our own adventure playground.

The video is called “Skate Heads” and it’s part of an ongoing collaboration between Vancouver-based art blog Booooooom and custom hat manufacturer Flexfit, which aims to, “give emerging creators a chance turn a dream project into reality.”

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