See it Made: Wooden 3D Cube Illusion Bowl

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See it Made: Wooden 3D Cube Illusion Bowl
Image from Etsy.
Images of finished wooden bowl from Etsy


Thomas Anton Geurts is a talented woodworker from the Netherlands. Back in 2009, he earned a degree in woodworking and started doing it professionally. He has come up with many interesting pieces with beautiful designs since then. In the video below, you will see him create a wooden bowl with a 3D cube illusion design (known also as the tumbling cube).


The whole process of making the wooden bowl from start to finish took him a couple of days. Geurts starts by cutting out all the individual pieces that will make up each cube. To get the three different colors, he uses American walnut, cherry, and hard maple wood. Once he has all the pieces, he assembles all the cubes separately and then puts them together. From there, he trims it down to a circle and heads to the lathe to shape it.

As he trims it down to create out the sides of the bowl, a whole new design emerges. The curve of the outside and the inside gives the 3D cubes a new distorted look. Once the whole thing is carved to shape, he wipes on a few coats of danish oil and he is done. The oil really brings out the beautiful, natural colors of the wood.


This isn’t the first time Geurts has incorporated this design into one of his pieces. He actually made this wooden bowl as a tribute to a 3D cube cutting board he had made previously. With that piece, he used the same style of assembling the separate cubes before combining them together.

In a recent update on his Facebook page, he talked about eagerly awaiting the delivery of the X-Carve from Inventables. It will be interesting to see what he makes with it!


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