This Exceptionally Fancy Cabinet Is Made from Shop Scraps

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This Exceptionally Fancy Cabinet Is Made from Shop Scraps
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I started out renovating and building houses, so moving into furniture was a bit of a change. The pace to making furniture is a lot slower and I like that about it.

I was inspired by contemporary furniture with its clean lines and basic materials and wanted to try and make a piece from my design. I wanted to make something bigger than this, but I used up some of the leftover materials I had about the shop. I got a basic design together and used this small piece to see how it worked.

You can make a really nice piece thats not too elaborate and really basic. I changed up a few bits on the bigger one I made, making a smaller version from leftover materials allowed me to test out the proportions without having any money in the game. So if the smaller one was only fit for the trash, I wasn’t loosing any money, it was just my time but I learned from the build so it was a win-win.

I used birch plywood, oak and finished everything off in danish oil.

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Neil McKinlay

I'm Neil McKinlay a maker working from a small workshop in the wilderness of Scotland. I'm owner of Caleb & Taylor, a small family business mainly making furniture but do bars, kitchens and finish carpentry called upon.

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