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Made On Earth — DIY Segway


Mechanical engineering student Charles Guan built a homemade Segway, called the Segfault, with some rather impressive geek cred. It uses...

Made On Earth — Bus(t) a Move


Superbus is a 49-foot-long, astronaut-designed carrier that hauls more than 20 passengers and tops out around 155mph. If Batman carpooled...

Made On Earth — Dolphin Car


Remember the Geo Metro? Introduced in 1989, the vehicle’s been awarded more ridicule than anything else. And while the Geo...


Made On Earth — Pedal Power


Ian Fardoe commutes 4,000 miles a year by bike, so building a wacky, plastic-wrapped tricycle is no surprise.

Made On Earth — Cinema with Sol


A tiny, solar-powered cinema is making its way across Europe, promising patrons an intimate movie-viewing experience and red-carpet treatment.

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