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Clock tells time as a conversation

Clock tells time as a conversation


The “It’s about time” clock turns time into a conversation rather than just hours, minutes, and seconds. Maybe version 2.0...

Famicom NES Mod

Famicom NES Mod


This Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom mod includes custom built knobs soldered onto the Nintendo’s motherboard that tweak the video...

Aram Bartholl’s 3D Trees


Some video documentation of German artist Aram Bartholl‘s custom built physical versions of the “virtual” trees you usually see in...

Custom Digital Stereoscopy Rig

Custom Digital Stereoscopy Rig


Really cool custom built digital camera based 3D stereoscopy device made by one of our Scrapyard Challenge workshop participants. Update:...

Lev and Thumpbot play crazy


Nice use of kinetic instruments to produce something that could theoretically be considered melodic. MoonMilk Labs Link

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