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Austin event: get (circuit) bent


Check out this circuit-bending Austin celebration tonight: No cover charge, and all-ages friendly. Map here; hope to see you there!

Austin Event: Dorkbot


This beautiful flyer, by Joey Lopez, says it all: If you’re in / near Austin, hope to see you at...

Building papercrete domes


I blog about Mikey and Wendy’s projects very frequently because they’re doing so many cool things. One of the most...

5 cent(ish) tilt sensor


No, it doesn’t just cost 5 cents. This tilt sensor earns its name because it’s made out of a nickel...

Growing shiitakes


Here’s a neat post about growing shiitake mushrooms. Looks like you don’t have to do much other than keep the...

Skeleton bike


Jud Turner has created Bio-Cycle, a beautiful (unfortunately non-ridable) bicycle made out of scrap and stainless steel. Via Ecofriend: Bio-Cycle,...