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The future of games will make themselves…

The future of games will make themselves…

spore.jpgGameSpy has a great article about Spore and the new way to think about games. Will Wright, creator of SimCity and The Sims talks about his latest game where you become a cosmic creator. Here’s a great quote…“At the same time, what he calls the “value to gamers” levels off after a while. A game with 22,000 animations isn’t twice as good as a game with 11,000 animations. But fortunately, Wright learned another lesson from The Sims: People love to make their own content. They love to customize their experience…Putting two and two together, Wright concluded that there had to be some way where users could create content, instead of armies of developers, and a way to make a game craft itself around the user’s contribution”. I need this game.


Howtoons motor keeps on spinning

Picture 2This morning I spent ten minutes making the motor from the Howtoons cartoon in the first issue of Make. It consists of one AA battery, two safety pins, a magnet, some Scotch tape, a piece of telephone extension cable wire, a pad of Post-It notes, and a little nail polish. It’s been spinning for four hours so far. I like the clickety clickety sound is makes. I shot a little movie of it in action. (It’s an MP4, so you might have to download it to watch it.) Link