MakeShift Challenge: Zombie Attack: Honorable Mention

Makeshift 25: Honorable Mention: Christopher Lerros
by Lee D. Zlotoff
Volume 24, 2010

There are two stages to this escape.

1. Getting out of the garage alive.

2. Running 2 miles to the school.

Stage 1

This involves a homemade “Claymore mine” and whatever slippery material is on hand.

Ideally, I’d hope there would be a nice cast iron or similarly heavy deep-well sink in the garage/workshop. But lacking that, paint cans and as much heavy shielding as possible will have to do.

1. Empty the 6 quarts of 10W-40 and 3 cans of ceiling paint under the garage door. Just let it seep under. Hopefully this will make traction for the zombies more difficult, and trip them up in the process.

2. Mix peroxide with the gasoline from the mower into the paint cans (and maybe the turpentine, although I’m not great at the chemistry part, this should make a nice volatile explosive mixture).

3. Place the cans in front of the lawnmower deck (or sink) to use as a shield and to direct the blast.

4. Pack as many nails in front of the cans as possible and duct tape them in place.

5. Build the other weapons you will use on the run to the school:

5a. Attach lawnmower blade to the cricket bat.

5b. Lawnmower oil + towel pieces + beer bottles = Molotov cocktail.

5c. Propane flamer.

6. Position the “Claymore” for the best coverage of the garage door.

7. Use matches/leftover gasoline/flammable material to make a long fuse and light the Claymore.

8. Open the garage door as the fuse is almost to the Claymore.

9. Hopefully this should clear a nice hole in the zombie horde which you can run through.

10. Clean up any zombies with the Cricket bat and herd them with the flamer.

Stage 2


The weak link here is the person with the flamer. So, the person with the cricket bat should be covering the sides while the person with the backpack flamer takes point. If too many zombies start to fall in behind you, toss a Molotov to slow them down. If you can catch one on fire, it might have a chance of spreading to the others as the zombie stumbles into others. HURRAY COCKTAIL PARTY!

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