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Drag and drop Super Mario


NES emulator hacker Xkeeper has been working on a Lua script that allows you to manipulate Super Mario Bros. game...

Cruel Super Mario World hack


Kaizo Mario is a homebrew level for Super Mario World that’s equal parts evil and genius. My tolerance for frustration...

Javascript Super Mario


CupBoy from the Nihilogic blog wrote a Javascript Super Mario engine which compresses down to just 14K. This includes all...

Super Mario shadow box

Super Mario shadow box


From the MAKE Flickr pool Josh used an original gameboy enclosure to frame some paper pixels – Unfortunately this one...

Super Mario Mosaic Table


Don’t you just love the look of this mosaic tiled table with the Super Mario image?! It’s the perfect little...

Tesla coil super mario duet


Steve Ward and Jeff Larson constructed these two solid-state Tesla coils, then programmed them to play the Super Mario Brothers...

Super Mario subwoofer

Super Mario subwoofer


Here’s a really nice subwoofer painted to look like a brick and coin box from Super Mario – [via] Link.

Super Mario Felted Bag


E.B. designed and knitted this felted Super Mario bag on WikiKnitting. This design is based on the end of Level...

Super Mario Brothers Papercraft Diorama


Miccobayb points us to Nerd-Craft where reverendtimothy has made downloadable paper dioramas of Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario Papercraft Diorama:...

Super Mario Quilt


Keeping in the Nintendo theme, here’s a Super Mario quilt made by member rmember_myreply. It’s very cool to see...

Super Mario wedding cake


This Super Mario wedding cake is entirely edible except for the bride and groom toppers. The designer of the cake...

21 - 40 of 158 results