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Java-powered pumpkin


The Alchemist created a great Java-powered pumpkin project: The Cluster team is legendary on the MPK Campus for throwing the...

Programming AVR MCUs on a Mac


On Tinkerlog, Alexander Weber has a short tutorial on the software toolchain and hardware (a USB programmer) required to get...

Octopart @ Maker Faire


Octopart @ Maker Faire, Sam and Harish write – …We met a lot of great people and learned a lot...

Cassius punching bag


Fluidforms writes: The Cassius Punching Bag contains a matrix of 9×7 force sensors that measure the force exerted by a...

Electronic breadboard templates


Philip writes – Actual-size Electronic Breadboard templates in SVG and other formats. A while ago I was wanting to document...

Walkotron – PDF Cast


The walkotron is a simple project that you can make to create your own musical instrument. Gather your walkmans, some...

Self-Balancing Skateboard


A friend saw this cruising around the Arizona State campus: Chris Coleman, a sculptor, has made a self-balancing one-wheeled skateboard...



Ethernet + Arduino = Ethduino – An ethernet enabled Arduino (ATMega168*) using Microchip’s ENC28J60 IC. It based on Procyon AVRLib....

4881 - 4900 of 4945 results

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