Sometimes you have a small job that just needs to be done well. It’s those moments where you see a board and say to yourself — this is it! “This is it” sums up a lot of aspects of the Neo Trinkey. This tiny little board is part USB key, part microcontroller, emphasis on the micro. Coming in just slightly longer than a quarter, but even thinner this board is perfect for simple tasks such as notifications or hot keys.   

It sports a capable ATSAMD21 microcontroller with minimal circuitry. Don’t worry about its sparse part count and small size, the M0 processor can more than handle the four built-in RGB NeoPixel LEDs and two capacitive touch pads. Upon seeing this I instantly thought of dozens of uses that this board was the perfect answer for, from building machine monitors to Discord and email alarms. With a handy reset switch also onboard to help switch between modes easily, it’s got everything you need for those specific uses, but nothing you don’t. (Those whose needs may be greater should look elsewhere as you won’t find any place for pin-headers here.) What you see is what you get, a colorful board entry with a keychain hole built in! 

Neo Trinkey can be programmed in either Arduino or Circuit Python and has a variety of modes. Serial? Yup. HID? Absolutely. MIDI? Amen! It even works as a fittingly tiny USB drive for some diminutive missives. A tiny board, with some tiny lights and buttons, at a tiny price. The Neo Trinkey is a bright project waiting for your bright idea.