Since their announcement of the MKR line of devices in late 2015, the Arduino team has continued to roll out devices with this new form factor. We’ve looked at other boards in the MKR line and today we get hands on with the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, a basic WiFi enabled board that is nicely fitted out in a small form factor.

The MKR 1010 runs a 32 bit Cortex M0+ chip at 48 Mhz giving you plenty of power for your sketches. This powerful chip comes with a few extras not usually found on Arduino boards like a 10 bit DAC connected to an output pin, let’s play some tunes! There is also a dedicated I2C port on the side of the board making for easy expansion and a battery connector will help keep your devices mobile.

Since the MKR 1010 is an official Arduino board, getting it setup is extremely simple. Simply make sure that Arduino SAMD Boards are installed (and up to date) in the boards manager in your Arduino IDE. After installed the MKR 1010 board will show up and allow you to use it. To get started with Wifi, you will need to use the library manager to install the WifiNINA library. There are plenty of tutorials included with the library to get you started with networking your device.

The days of buying basic devices to save money are long gone, with the MKR 1010 costing only a few dollars more than a standard UNO, why not consider adding WiFi to your next project.