The NanoPi M1 comes in two versions, one with 512MB of RAM, the other with 1GB of RAM for $5 more. The NanoPi M1 from FriendlyARM is a neat little board, just two-thirds the size of the Raspberry Pi.

Powered by an Allwinner H3 processor, the board is very similar to the Orange Pi One, but with more features and arguably better documentation. It’s worth noting that the folks behind the board at FriendlyARM were the first to react to the recent Allwinner sun8i legacy kernal security alert, providing a fix for a potentially huge security hole ahead of most other vendors.

The board comes with a 40-pin GPIO header which is pin-compatible with the Raspberry Pi, and while there is no onboard wireless, it does have an onboard IR sensor, an unusual selling point for single board computers in this class. If your project depends on IR, or you want to control audio/visual equipment that still uses IR remote controls, this board might well be the right choice.