Improving on the Plus 2, Shenzhen Xunlong has made some significant changes using feedback from the Armbian community, giving the new Plus 2E much improved I/O bandwidth with 16GB eMMC and three dedicated USB2.0 host ports that, notably, don’t need to share bandwidth. They’ve also amped up the system memory, with 2GB DDR3.

The Plus 2E is versatile with a choice of OSes including Android, Ubuntu, Debian, and the familiar Raspbian. Based on the standard Raspberry Pi layout, all your Hats will fit, but check for pin-to-pin compatibility. Like other models in the open source Orange Pi family, it’s recommended to use a 5V / 2A power supply — exceeding this could lead to a fried board. Beware, it also has a history of difficult setup, making a potentially frustrating experience for beginners.