20 Infinity Mirror Projects to Reflect On… Forever

Infinity mirror illusions are great for getting a good “Wow!” reaction, and they’re relatively simple to make.

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Two California Stores Offer Demos of the Cube 3D Printer Today and This Weekend

Today and this weekend, Walmart will be featuring demos of the Cube personal 3D printer from 3D Systems at two of its stores in California and offering customers a chance to have themselves scanned to create a 3D printed figure as a unique holiday gift. MAKE will be at both locations from noon-2pm Saturday with copies of our 2014 Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing on hand and our new book about 3D printing: Leo the Maker Prince by Carla Diana. We’ll also be handing out $10 off coupons for the Maker Shed

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Recent News in 3D Printing

A lot has happened in the world of 3D printing over the last week and the start of CES brought on a wave of new products, as it always does. 3D Systems announced two new printers in their Cubify lineup, and MakerBot made an official announcement regarding the release of their “experimental” dual extrusion printer, the Replicator 2X.

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