Easy Button

Check Broadway Discounts with tkts Ticker Tape

Using an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield, a Staples Easy Button, and a thermal printer, YouTuber topherquoter created a device that prints the current discount for Broadway shows that the tkts booth is offering.

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Zen Button

Pete Prodoehl needed a button. A button with a USB connection that would emulate a single keypress. He’s built two now. They’re dead simple. I have no particular need for such a button, but this photo is making me itch to build one of my own.

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The AWESOME Button: A Made-to-Measure USB Input Device

After a quick search of the posts I’ve written for MAKE, it’s clear that I overuse the word “awesome.” It’s not news to me, but I had no idea how bad my problem was. In fact, I think you could say that I abuse the word. In order to cut down on my usage of […]

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