Flashback:  Micro Forge

Flashback: $30 Micro Forge

Our Make: Online second-quarter theme of “Make: Time and Space” got me thinking about all of the workshop-related articles that have graced the pages of MAKE magazine. One of my favorites has to be Seattle-based master woodworker Len Cullum‘s “$30 Micro Forge” from MAKE Volume 18. When he found himself needing 500 old-style Japanese nails, […]

Backyard Metal Casting

Backyard Metal Casting

MAKE subscriber Pete Marchetto pointed us to this awesome site covering all manner of backyard metal casting. In fact, that’s its name: Backyard Metal Casting. Peter writes: Blame Kaden Harris. He got me onto this wonderful site describing many metal casting and metalworking projects. Okay, Kaden. It’s all your fault we’re posting this link. You […]