Homemade Owl Pellets FTW

Kristin St. Clair sent over this AWESOME homemade owl pellet how-to from the Crafts Department of Martha Stewart. This project makes me happy on so many different levels — the project is referred to as Homemade Owl Pellets, Yuck; owl pellets are a favorite science project of mine and my kids; and these are homemade, […]

How-To video: bike maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance: How To Maintain Your Mountain Bike For Peak Performance Here’s is a very thorough way of tuning up your bike after a hard ride. The rest of the site has some other good information, but you have to dig through a lot of ‘lifestyle’ type entries before you find the making goodies. The […]

Weekend Project: Ball of Sound

Turn two salad bowls into a spherical array, ball of sound with amazing results. Thanks go to Michael Zbyszynski for the original article in Make: Volume 11.To download The Ball of Sound MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete Ball of Sound article in MAKE: Volume 11 “Ball of Sound” and […]