Filament Friday: NinjaFlex Squishy Fun

So far in our Filament Fridays we’ve concentrated on rigid filaments that leave you with hard parts. This week, things are getting squishy with NinjaFlex¬†– the most popular of the flexible filaments. NinjaFlex was originally created by Frenner Drives, a company that specializes in belt drive systems. The Frenner team discovered that one of the […]

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The Making of a 3D Printed Alien Xenomorph Suit

A man by the name of James Bruton has been working on a 3D printed costume for a couple months now, and his designs are finally starting to come together. With a Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer with a dual extruder and whole bunch of plastic filament, Bruton has created a fantastically fun cosplay suit that […]

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Review: LulzBot FlexyStruder Flexible Filament Extruder

LulzBot / Price: $294.95 Review unit supplied by LulzBot. Why a special extruder? Flexible filaments can be printed on many extruders. However, if you look at the most common designs for extruders, they rely on the rigidity of the filament to go from your drive gear to the hot end. In the example of […]

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