How-To: Latex Gauntlets

Denmark crafter Latex Kitty is devoted to making latex fashions. She’s got an informative blog for anyone who wants to get started in this medium. Kitty recently posted a how-to (with pattern) for making these nouveau elegant gauntlets (rubber-cemented, not sewn). Love the ruffles!

How-To: Knit and Felt a Skinny Ruffle Scarf

A long skinny ruffle felt scarf? What could be more in fashion right now? The concept for this scarf came from my love of felting, and my love of making the best of my mistakes. I knit a ton of scarves in the garter stitch on my circular needles. It’s the fastest method I know. But the first time I tried the technique, I accidentally cast on too loose and then cast off too tightly. This created uneven tension, and gave the scarf a neat ruffle. When you purposefully try it, the ruffle is even more exaggerated.