Double-sided tape

LED LilyPad Frame

You may have the most beautiful picture, diploma, or award that’s hiding in the dark. Now you can illuminate it with the LED LilyPad Frame, and bring it to life. [youtube] Here are the materials you will need to build this beautiful project:

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Fabric Frames

Extract from Make Me I’m Yours…Just For Fun available at You can never have too many picture fames and with these little fabric-covered frames even the smallest snapshots can be beautifully displayed. Be bold with your choice of main patterned print and select simple coordinating fabrics. Pulp board picture frame blanks available from many […]

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Living Room Baja Buggies

Do you like radio-controlled (R/C) cars? Do you like the desert, but hate the heat? Well, with wireless cameras on board, these radio-controlled racers give you virtual reality telepresence.

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