EZ-EL Wire Children’s Umbrella

This guide will teach you how to make your very own children’s umbrella with EZ-EL Wire! For more cool ideas check out ! The EZ-EL Wire Kit you will need for this project can be purchased here. Enter coupon code MAKEumbrella at checkout for a discount! Read more »

Beanbag DSLR Pod

I learned the single most valuable photography tip in the late eighties from my company’s staff photographer – a large beanbag makes a superb photographic “tripod.” It’s sturdier, lighter, simpler to use, and more versatile than most three-legged supports. Read more »

Pillow Mace

I’m going to be going over some very basic sewing techniques for creating this odd stuffed spiked ball. I’ll be demonstrating how to plan out and stitch a sphere made of pentagonal panels, how to stuff a massive plush object, and how to make a puffy weapon safe for boffing,... Read more »

Resistor Necktie

Construct a basic long necktie with stripes to represent your favorite value of resistor – fashion inspired by the electronics bench! Learn to work with slippery fabrics cut on the bias. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJQ8cIvLVOE?wmode=opaque&w=560&h=315] Read more »

La Roux Costume

Last year on the MAKE YouTube channel, commenters started saying I looked like the singer from the English synth-pop duo La Roux. Here’s how to get the Mondrian jacket look from the video for their song Bulletproof. You can also make your own “neo cameo” necklace with a laser cutter... Read more »

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