Marshmallow Shooter

Here’s how to make a pair of Marshmallow Shooters. You’ll be ready for combat in minutes! They’re made of standard ½” PVC pipe and pipe fittings, which just happen to be a perfect fit for mini marshmallows from the grocery store. Just fit the pieces together, bring a bag of... Read more »

CEB: Main Cylinder Prep

Sketchup Model Additional Materials Required: The Press Feet 1/4″ to 1/2″ Bushing (2) 1/2″ NPTM to 1/2″ NPTF Elbow (2) 1/2″ Hex Nipple (2) 1/2″ Quick Coupler Set (1) 3/4″ Galvanized Nuts (2) 3/4″ Steel Nuts (1) Read more »

CEB Shaker Hydraulics Assembly

Additional Materials Required: Thread tape Shaker motor Buy 1/2″ NPT Needle Valve (1) Buy 1/4″x12″ NPTM Hydraulic hose (1)Buy 1/2″x36″ NPTM Hydraulic hoses (2) SAE 4M to 1/4″ NPTF Swivel (1)Buy 1/2″ NPT Hex Nipple (2) Buy 1/2″ NPTF Tee (1) Buy 1/2″ NPTM to 1/4″ NPTF bushing Buy Read more »

The BeatBearing Tangible Rhythm Sequencer

[youtube] The BeatBearing is an exciting and intuitive way to make music. Move the balls on a grid, and you change the beat. Music sequencing couldn’t be simpler. Like countless other musicians, I use a computer to create beats and sequence them into mixes. Pointing and clicking with a... Read more »

Two-Can Stirling Engine

The Stirling engine has long captivated inventors and dreamers. Here are complete plans for building and operating a two-cylinder model that runs on almost any high-temperature heat source. Stirling engines are external combustion engines, which means no combustion takes place inside the engine and there’s no need for intake or... Read more »

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