Make: 67 — Making Time

There’s one resource we just can’t get enough of: Time. In Make: Volume 67, we celebrate that most fascinating and finite resource. First, build a miniature NeoMatrix word clock that colorfully spells out the time. Next, waste less time in the shop with a healthy helping of time-saving shop tips. Then, take a metaphorical trip to the past and dive into the history and theory behind modern mechanical clocks.

Plus, 19 projects to make, including:

  • 8 more crazy clocks to build
  • 3D print an old-school bellows-style camera
  • Program a wall-mounted display to track your social media stats
  • Craft a 2-in-1 leather carrier for beer and wine for your next picnic
  • Build a stylish motion-reactive LED table-top display
  • and more!

On the Cover: For its debut last November, La Machine’s Minotaur took par in an elaborate play over the course of several days throughout the streets of Toulouse, France.

Table of Contents



Heartbreak strikes close to home. Page 04

Reader Input

Notes from readers like you. Page 05

Made on Earth

Backyard builds from around the globe.Page 06


Mythical Magic

French art collective La Machine wows again with a giant mechanical sculpture based on Greek mythology.Page 14

Special Section: Making Time

Making Time

There’s one resource we just can’t get enough of, no matter how hard we try.Page 20

Time Will Tell

Build a miniature NeoMatrix Word Clock that uses smart LEDs and a grid of letters to colorfully spell out the time.Page 22

Time Tube

Reimagine the hourglass — with falling magnets slowed by mysterious eddy currents.Page 28

Keeping Time

With a real-time clock, your project always knows what time it is — no internet needed.Page 32

Time Warp

These sublimely creative projects will let you tell time in a totally different way.Page 34

Up Your Efficiency

Use these time-saving tips and tricks from expert makers to help you get the most out of your work and workshop.Page 36

Poetry in Motion

Exploring the magic of mechanical timekeeping.Page 40

Project Management Tips

From small tasks to big, the right tool will help keep you organized and save time.Page 42


The Big Picture

Build your own 3D-printed large-format camera to make incredible images.Page 44

The Playful Table

Deploy a fleet of smart LED rings and simple sensors that react to motion with blazing, animated light displays.Page 48

Convertible Caddy

This leather carrier straps onto your bike (or broomstick), and holds a six-pack or two wine bottles.Page 52

Switch Gears

Build this fun and totally unnecessary mechanism to flip your lights off and on.Page 56

Threads of Knowledge

Celebrate 150 years of Mendeleev’s breakthrough periodic table by tying 200,000 tiny macramé knots.Page 60

Track Your Stats

Show your social media numbers in real time with seven-segment LED displays and an ESP8266.Page 62

Not Your Father’s Lightsaber

Jedi or Sith? Design and build your own fully operational 3D-printed saber and choose your path.Page 64

1+2+3: Simplest Soldering Station

This station holds down your project without breaking the bank.Page 69

Stowaway Workshop

Tight on space? Roll this electronics station out in seconds and pack it up just as fast.Page 72

Skill Builder

Fantastic Plastic

Create a clever cosplay crown using paper cutouts and an easy plasticizing technique.Page 74



Gear up with reviews of the latest tools and kits for makers.Page 76

Show & Tell

Show & Tell

Dazzling projects from our inventive readers.Page 80