Make: 71 – Fix Our Planet

Climate change is an urgent threat but if we makers act now, we can still make a difference at both micro and macro levels. Our cover story, the kickoff to a series that will run through 2020, gives a big-picture look at what steps we can take to arrest climate change. Hint: It starts by electrifying everything! 

Then, we look at some tasty tech with the story of a seriously impressive cheeseburger-making robot, recipes to cook delicious insects, and instructions to build a Raspberry Pi-powered cocktail dispenser for your next BBQ or robot-themed party.

Plus, 21 projects to make, including:

  • Hack the Sonos-Ikea Symfonisk to make high-quality, networked bookshelf speakers on a budget
  • Build the world’s newest, simplest siege weapon, the Walking Arm Trebuchet
  • Fold and fly the Guinness World Record paper airplane
  • Make a jig for quick, easy, and beautiful box joints
  • Our best-yet DIY coffee bean roaster
  • And much more!

On the Cover: Our appeal to makers everywhere to help lead the charge of arresting global warming before it’s too late.

Table of Contents


Reader Input

Notes from readers like you.Page 06


Introducing some new Make: installments. Page 07

Made on Earth

Backyard builds from around the globe.Page 08


Tasty Tech

Bug Grub

Insect meal is a healthy, environmentally-friendly food option. Here’s how to get started preparing it to eat.Page 38

Hello Drinkbot

Use a Raspberry Pi to build a smart dispenser that’s the “Hello World” of cocktail robotics.Page 54


Sonos for All

Hack the Sonos-Ikea Symfonisk to make a high quality networked bookshelf speaker on a “budget.”Page 62

Flat-Out Flinger

Build the world’s newest, simplest trebuchet and break some chuckin’ records.Page 68

Tiny Dancer

With a Raspberry Pi Zero as its brain, this homebrew robot doll is a stunningly smooth mover.Page 100

Storm Warning

Build your own wearable lightning detection system.Page 104

Skill Builder

Quick and Easy Box Joints

Master this stylish joinery technique with a simple-to-make table saw jig. Page 118



Gear up with the latest tools and kits for makers.Page 124

Over the Top

Running the Numbers

This intricately geared 7-segment display gives a gorgeous view of your YouTube subscriber count.Page 128