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Made – a house in 2,635 days

Congrats to Mike who you’ve probably see in our MAKE Flickr pool (house building photos) for building a house, start to finish on his own, over 2,600 days total! – Link, projects, documentation and more info. Read more »

DIY Wii mega-tv

Jon writes – “One of my friends is a manager at a local movie theater, which uses a digital projector to show advertisements between features. After seeing the It Burns When I Wii video, we figured we could one-up it with the equivalent of a 344″ television screen. We wanted... Read more »

MAKE IT: Game of life kit

It’s what they call “the holiday time” so it’s soldering time … Based on British math whiz John Conway’s “Game of Life”. In the Game of Life, a collection of cells lives, dies or multiplies based on a few mathematical rules). DDT designed an easy-to-solder kit that is cheap and... Read more »

Monsters in the tool chest

Awhile back we posted up a tool “food chain” it seemed a little familiar and here’s where I think I first saw something like it, Popular Mechanics 1954 – Link. Previous: C-Clamp food chain – Link. Drill chuck food chain – Link. Read more »

Roombas go caroling

Tod and his bots send some seasons greetings, he writes – “The Roomba family was out caroling. They stopped by and sang a few songs. I caught a few on tape. I think they were a little tipsy on mulled 30W or something. This was a demo of RoombaMidi2, a... Read more »

Snow bike kit

Peter writes – “Here’s a cool kit that will allow you to transform your mountain bike into a bike that you can ride on the snow! You just add the front ski and the back rear-drive and you’re set. No tools required.” [via] – Link. Read more »