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Here is a great article from Open Music Labs which details the teardown and design of an old-school MIDI keyboard. Read more »

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Open Music Labs has released a tutorial and detailed build documentation on how to read 48-key electronic MIDI keyboard with the XMEM interface on an Atmega640. Read more »

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Did the dog eat all of your microcontroller I/O? Here's a handy little article from Open Music Labs on how to do some clever circuit hacking to allow a shift register (and thus as many switches as you could possibly want) to be read from 2 or even 1(!) microcontroller... Read more »

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Open Music Labs has put up a great tutorial on how to read a matrix of switches, useful if you're doing a project with keypads or musical keyboards. Read more »

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My buddies over at Open Music Labs have posted an excellent tutorial on how Force Sensitive Resistors (FSRs) work, as well as how to use them effectively in circuits. Read more »

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Friedrich Kirchner has made a digital puppeteering tool for use with his open source animation tool Moviesandbox which allows you to interface an Arduino with homemade soft circuit puppets to create live digital puppet shows. This video shows some simple sock puppets outfitted with Hannah Perner-Wilson’s neoprene bend sensors controlling a couple of... Read more »

Natalie Freed, Jie Qi, and Adam Setapen gave me this pair of videos detailing their super cool Telescrapbook project.  It’s a pair of semi-normal looking scrapbooks to which users can add sensor and actuator stickers when constructing pages.  Manipulation of these stickers can then cause interesting things to happen in... Read more »