David Scheltema

David Scheltema

I love to tinker and write about electronics. My days are spent building projects and working as a Technical Editor for MAKE.

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What better way to celebrate the launch of the tiny, $5 Raspberry Pi Zero than to build a radio transmitter throwie from it. Read more »

Pi Zero

Today, Raspberry Pi announced Zero, its newest model, which at $5 represents a vast decrease in price that should afford more people the opportunity to use computers than ever before. Read more »


Eyedrivomatic uses the same technology utilized for text-to-speech in order to build a motorized wheelchair you can move with your eyes. Read more »


The new NVidia X1 board is a powerful tool for uses in autonomous vehicle development, machine learning, and other specialized industrial uses. Read more »

The Ganglion board mounted in the Mark IV headset. Exploding out of the Mark IV are the electrode nodes.

For Connor Russomanno and Joel Murphy, designing a brain-computer interface is not the stuff of science fiction, it is their day job. Read more »

Customization suggestions from Element14

Raspberry Pi announced a program to customize boards for bulk orders with Element14, who will help engineer and manufacture your custom design. Read more »


Today at the Rome Maker Faire, Intel and Arduino are announcing a new board, the Arduino 101, powered by the Intel Curie module. Read more »