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Calling all maker-entrepreneurs in the healthcare space. Here’s an opportunity to get your startup funded on the fast track at Prebacked Health, a hackathon with serious funding on the line, October 19-21, 2012. Awards totaling more than $100k are up for grabs. The typical route for early stage startups is... Read more »

Medicine in the US is broken. We face a shortage of doctors, looming medical costs, and an average lifespan that doesn’t look all that great compared to other countries. Government isn’t fixing the problem. Neither is industry. And patient empowerment is happening way too slowly. It’s time to hack the system!... Read more »

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Check out The Playa Time Lapse Project, which captured a bird's eye view of 27 days of Burning Man set up, break down, and lots of burning. And it all fit into a five minute video. The view is stunning. If you appreciate it, consider helping to fund the next... Read more »

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Think science is for geeks in lab coats or little kids growing bean trees in styrofoam cups? Time for a rethink. Science has gone DIY. Thousands of people around the world are part of a new brand of research called DIYbio. This group has thousands of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and... Read more »

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OpenROV ("ROV1") is a shoebox-sized Arduino-controlled submarine device, with an onboard HD webcam, designed to operate in an unexplored underwater cave. Read more »

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Cheap DIY GFP and DsRED Detection Nope, it wasn't a creepy-crawly fetish that got me reading The Worm Breeder's Gazette. Rather, it was talking to Kathryn Hedges--a smart, passionate, and well-credentialed scientist and artist--about The Gazette's tips to make a GFP illuminator on the cheap, that made me sure I... Read more »

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Quick question: If you were having a heart attack and could choose one person to help you &emdash; either a paramedic, 10 miles away, or a CPR-certified neighbor, three blocks away &emdash; who’d make the cut? Since it’s your life at stake, let me give you a few more details... Read more »