What happens when you take a comic book artist, an inventor, and a toy designer? You get Howtoons. Our mission is to provide engaging content that teaches kids how to build things, combining instructions with storytelling. Howtoons has a foundation of science and engineering education, inspiring creativity through art and imagination.

The primary contributors to Howtoons are Nick Dragotta(comic artist), Saul Griffith(inventor), Ingrid Dragotta(toy designer), and Joost Bonsen(the big kid).

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Make a costume jetpack that doubles as a Halloween candy holder from household items. Read more »

main image pinewood derby

There are not many kids (or adults) who don't know what the Pinewood Derby is, but if it wasn't a part of your childhood, here is your chance to build your own pinewood derby track and car right at home. Read more »


Build your own extendable robo arm from paint stirring sticks! Read more »


Make a fun propeller toy, complete with a ripcord launcher. Grip it, and rip it! Read more »


Adapted from the original project by Howtoons on Instructables. Mini marshmallows shot at high speeds can smack hard and even stick. These goggles will keep the fast-flying ’mallows from hitting your eyes and face. NOTE: These goggles are intended for use with the Marshmallow Shooter to protect you from flying... Read more »


Here’s how to make a pair of Marshmallow Shooters. You’ll be ready for combat in minutes! They’re made of standard ½” PVC pipe and pipe fittings, which just happen to be a perfect fit for mini marshmallows from the grocery store. Just fit the pieces together, bring a bag of... Read more »