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Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova is an electrical engineer, writer and an electronics and robotics hobbyist. He is an active member of the Let's Make Robots community, and handles public relations for the site. Andrew has created and curated robotics exhibits for the Children's Museum of Somerset County, NJ and taught robotics classes for the Kaleidoscope Learning Center in Blairstown, NJ and for a public primary school. Andrew is always looking for ways to engage makers and educators.

Latest from Andrew Terranova

HackYourCloset_2661 crop

Why live with closets the way someone else built them? Hack your closets for your own needs. Add a lower hanger bar for shorter clothing or to put kids' jackets within easy reach. Add shelves for convenient storage of commonly used items. This is an easy project that can be... Read more »

Chris from Rocket Brand Studios take you on a video tour of his CNC.

Chris from Rocket Brand Studios takes you on a video tour of his industrial strength CNC mill, explaining the basic components and dispensing advice on building your own. Watch the video to learn more about linear bearings, ball screws, stepper motors, controllers, cutter heads and spindles, cooling and dust removal,... Read more »

MRISAR's rail robot guide has glowing crystals and can move its arms and speak to museum visitors.

The Siegels live a somewhat isolated life, living and running their business developing robotic and educational exhibits for museums from an abandoned school building they purchased. They conduct humanitarian research and development into robotic adaptive technology and environmental, energy conservation and alternative energy technologies. Basically, they are out to make... Read more »

Nerf Combat Creatures Attacknid

What does it take to get your idea for an awesome toy into the hands of an actual toy company that can produce and distribute it? For Jaimie Mantzel, it took a lot of work, a lot of travel, and not a little bit of luck. The Nerf Combat Creatures... Read more »

Add your own voice to make these boxes a personal Valentine.

Add a personal touch to your Valentine's gift, combining craft and electronics to make a wonderful heart shaped box with your own voice greeting. Read more »

Scout Transatlantic Team

For the team of young boat builders behind Scout Transatlantic, failure was definitely an option. Although they fell short of their goal to send an unmanned boat all the way across the ocean, things have worked out pretty well for the team. Read more »

Pocket Drone

The Pocket Drone by AirDroids is a folding tri-copter intended to be the camera phone of drones. It is small enough to fit in a cargo pants pocket, but strong enough to lift a GoPro camera. Currently available through Kickstarter. Read more »