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John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

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I'm building an Arduino-controlled Nerf sentry gun. Rather than build it and present the finished project all at once, I decided to chronicle the build here on Make: Online. The first step was to add wiring and a two-wire connector to control the trigger circuit. I opened up the Nerf... Read more »

I built this ultrasonic tape measure today using an Arduino, a PING))) sensor, and a 7-Segment shield. Read more »

This is an impressive use of Arduino, two servos, a webcam and Processing to tilt a ball platform. I was pretty sure I saw a copy of Make: magazine under the platform... Read more »

I put together the breadboarded relay oscillator experiment from the excellent Make: Electronics book, using the parts from the Make: Electronics Components Pack 1, both of which are available from the Maker Shed. Since the power adapter in the kit has some barrel plugs I didn't want to sever, I... Read more »

I've been playing around with the for Arduino from the Maker Shed, and I realized that I needed a basic understanding of how the seven segment display works, in order to do anything interesting with it. When addressing the display from the sample Arduino sketch, I was pulling pre-formed characters... Read more »

Why does he have my avatar in 8-bit? Because he took an Apple //e and wrote a bootable 5.25" Twitter floppy for it! This all makes me immensely happy, because I, too, spent my formative years in front of an Apple //e. Read more »

Gary is a friend of a friend of mine. He is a master of building high-quality solutions to problems in his shop. Just watch how he adapts a dust hood to his lathe. The notched stick he crafts for adjusting the hood angle is a thing of beauty. Read more »