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John Edgar Park

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Creator Jonathan Guberman has just finished fulfilling preorders for his beautiful little open-source chiptune synth. Read more »


Here's an excellent write-up on making a beverage carbonation system from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager of Clyde Common and drinks blogger extraordinaire. Jeffrey has published some delicious carbonated bottle cocktail recipes on his site, but he gets a lot of questions about the actual act of making them fizz. Read more »


While the user's away, the malware will play. Keep your computer out of online mischief, when you're not using it, by building this simple, foolproof, easy-bake hardware kill switch. Read more »


Build a cool, throaty exhaust pipe “resonator” for your bike with an aluminum beverage bottle. Read more »

Kinetic iPhone Case

  This iPhone case is a piece of kinetic art, printed in a single pass, no assembly required. Designer Chris Cordingly, who created it to be an analog fidget relief device, modeled it in Autodesk Maya, and printed it at Shapeways. Says Chris: Back in September last year I decided... Read more »


Who could resist the fame and glory of a successful art career? Not the people of Katowice, Poland who created collaborative, machine-assisted works of art on the “Public Painting Machine” created by Niklas Roy. Says Niklas: People on the street could paint with the machine by pulling on ropes which... Read more »

I really enjoy Jack Conte‘s music, creative video editing, and now, his behind-the-scenes look at the making of his latest video, Pedals. Please check out the video itself, and then enjoy his enthusiastic making-of video. Jack has maker skills!     The hexapod, Dmitiri, in the video was built and... Read more »