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Chances are, you’ve played a Flash game or two that makes use of a 2D Newtonian physics engine. If you’re a Javascript coder, though, there’s no reason why you should feel left out of the fun. Box2D JS is a Javascript port of the popular Box2DFlashAS3 library. This is cool... Read more »

Watermarking images can sometimes be a decent way to allow posted content to make the rounds online, while ensuring that the source of the content is correctly attributed. One thing that’s always bugged me about watermarking, however, is that the original source site becomes all peppered with ratty attributions or... Read more »

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Sampsonia Way is a 9 block, one way alleyway in Pittsburgh, PA. It also happens to be the most exciting street in the world when viewed through Google Street View, thanks to the efforts of a neighborhood, two artists, and a conspiring Street View team. On May 3rd 2008, artists... Read more »

Of all Maxwell Smart’s ridiculous gadgets, the shoe phone has always been my favorite. Paul Gardner-Stephen decided to make this fantastic piece of spy tech a reality, with an Instructable that shows you how to make your own with a pair of wooden-heeled shoes, a Bluetooth headset, and a Motorolla... Read more »

Johnny Baillargeaux sent in a fun mashup that allows the Nabaztag programmable wireless rabbit to communicate with a Pandorabots AI bot service. With his software, you can write an AI script using AIML, publish it on Pandorabots, and then the output of the bot will be sent through the rabbit.... Read more »

It’s happened to me more than once that I’ve needed to configure something on a managed Mac laptop at work for which I have no admin access. Normally you can just track down your network administrator, but if it’s after hours or you are traveling, there’s another option: escalate your... Read more »

Sometimes you need a handy mobile storage device to move files around between locations. You could use a flash drive or an external disk, but why not make use of that 16GB phone that you carry with you all the time? iPhoneDisk is a MacFUSE based filesystem for the iPhone.... Read more »