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Following up on the previous post covering Make: Tokyo Meeting 02, here are more photos and info from this event. This time there were over 60 presenters and over 1,200 people in attendance (twice as many makers and guests as the first Make: Tokyo Meeting). This time the meeting featured... Read more »

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I think we can all admit that there’s something magical about the 8mm film format. Before there was VHS, and way before there were digital video cameras, there was Super-8, pretty much the only game in town if you were trying to get your memories turned moving pictures without spending... Read more »

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MAKE: Tokyo Meeting 02 was held on 11/8 at Tokyo’s Tama Art University, and the MAKE: Japan events just keep getting bigger, better, and wonderfully wilder. Here are a few highlights gleaned from the massive influx of pictures, video, and bloggings that this event inspired. Here’s a video featuring four... Read more »

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Gakken’s New Edison-style Cup Phonograph Kit is a cylinder recorder that uses a needle to cut sound waves onto plastic cups. This kit lets you relive the excitement of Thomas Edison as he successfully recorded and played back sound for the first time on a similar cylinder recording system back... Read more »

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These Dia de los Muertos-style tote bags with blinking skull eyes were shown at the latest Make: Japan event, the Make: Tokyo Meeting 02 held at Tama Art University. 8tote (or “Mitsubachi Tote” in Japanese) made these tote bags using the LilyPad Arduino with great success. They describe the experience... Read more »

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RjDj is a sound application for the Apple iPhone* that allows users to access “scenes” that transform sound that comes in through the microphone and allows additional tweakage via the the iPhone’s accelerometer and touch screen. But did you know that RjDj’s scenes are made with PD (PureData), a free,... Read more »

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This week: The Parts Case That Tells You Where Your Resistors Go, The Art of Plastic Food Displays, Musical Staircase (and Secret Hacks), The Anywhere Desktop, Turning Everyday Actions Into Their Value in Batteries, Aeolian Harp – Stringed Instrument Played by Wind, Hatsune Miku Dances via ARToolkit, Gray Water Hand... Read more »