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Three recent Lego project books show readers how to make cool models--but they're beautiful books just to look at! Read more »


The only thing I like better than creating my own tools is helping someone else do the same. These four recent Kickstarter projects interested me because to a great degree they're tools--helping you do things better. Read more »


Lego stop-motion animator David Pagano shares the intriguing details of his work. Read more »


The Lego Movie looks pretty good, and it has us reaching for our Lego bins and dreaming about brickfilms, those cool stop-motion Lego movies that inspired the big one. Read more »

Vimal Patel's Star-Wars-inspired Lego robot rolls around, rotates its head, busts out a manipulator arm, and even deploys the 3rd leg, which is the oft-ignored gold standard of astrodroid recreations. Read more »

What better way to make the ultimate pinhole camera than to print one? Todd Schlemmer designed his PINHE4D camera to shoot 35mm film, using Tinkercad to create the files and a Printrbot Plus to output. Read more »

Last fall an intriguing quadrotor project was announced on Kickstarter. Called Hex, the small and inexpensive bird would be controllable by smartphone and the angle was that it was extremely easy to use. Then they found out that they had to change the quadrotor's name... Read more »