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One big problem with smart light bulbs is that the smarts are in the bulb. They don’t play nice with the light switch on the wall. In fact, you can make most smart light bulb systems unresponsive just by using your wall switch! We really need to replace the switch,... Read more »


The CES scavenger hunt is back and, just like last time, it's possible to win the hunt without ever going to CES. However while you're looking for the beacons, the beacons are looking back. There are over a thousand beacons scattered throughout the venue tracking how you move around the... Read more »

Decompiling the old Estimote Android SDK allowed you to see both the old and new fixed key values.

With their latest firmware release Estimote has closed the security problem that made their beacons vulnerable to hijacking. But some questions surrounding their SDK remain. Read more »


Manufacturers were quick to support Google’s new Eddystone beacon standard, but in the rush to support it, some manufacturers are ignoring basic security. Read more »

Winning the CES iBeacon scavenger hunt, without ever having to go to CES.

It has just been announced that the this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will feature a promotional scavenger hunt based around Apple's iBeacon technology. Hypothetically speaking, what if you could win the hunt, without ever having to go to CES? Read more »

The Estimote Developer Preview Kit

It's actually fairly hard to get your hands on an Estimote developer preview kit—as its still shipping in limited numbers—but I managed to get one of the early developer kits and, predictably, took one of the beacons apart. Read more »