Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace is a MAKE contributor, artist, programmer, and editor living in Providence, R.I. He designs open hardware kits at Modern Device and organized the Fab Academy at the Providence Fab Lab. He makes iPhone synthesizers with the Fluxama collective and is a member of the SMT Computing Society.

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Today Otherfab announced a Kickstarter for the Othermill, a unique desktop milling machine. The Othermill is an evolution of the MTM Snap milling machine developed by Otherfab's Jonathan Ward over the past few years. Otherfab is a small group of engineers and designers within Otherlab, and Jonathan was formerly at... Read more »


We're celebrating the first anniversary of the Pi with the first ever Raspberry Pi Design Contest. Win a Printrbot Jr. 3D printer, and a prize package valued at over $600 for your Raspberry Pi project! Read more »


Over at, designer Massimo Menichinelli has written up some suggestions for starting a new Fab Lab: …the machines are not the most important feature of lab: instead, it is more about the people behind it. People with a wrong and rigid attitude or without the required knowledge and expertise... Read more »


It’s official; I hereby release my Laughing Dice into the public domain. Go to town with them. Read more »


In preparation for the Maker Faire each season, the editors of MAKE have been divying up topical beats so we can cover more area. I’ve been covering the 3D printing beat, and thought I’d share some of the trends and technologies I’m seeing going into Maker Faire. Putting aside the... Read more »


Crayon Creatures is a delightful service that takes advantage of Shapeways’ full color sandstone 3d printing technology to turn your child’s drawings into actual objects. Just check out the giraffified Llama (above), or visit their shop for other examples like the classic Hamster in a Speedboat.   Read more »


I would love to see some of Till Nowak’s fantastic amusement park rides at a Maker Faire someday; maybe in my dreams. “Gravity is a mistake.” The Centrifuge Brain Project from Till Nowak on Vimeo. Read more »