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Last month, Louisville's LVL1 hackerspace held an experimental drone combat event, QUACC: Quadrotor Ultimate Aerial Combat Competition. Participants using el-cheapo Syma X1 quadrotors to even the playing field, and hung ribbons from the chassis to give the contestants something to aim for. Read more »


Instructables user Brian Ward posted this how-to for building a wooden storage and transport case for quadrotors. Inspiration for this project came from a falling box that broke the frame of his his own hand-built copter. Read more »


Check out this incredible scale model of Doc Brown’s DeLorean from Back to the Future. What sets it apart from other scale models isn’t the awesome lighting or attention to detail (Mr. Fusion, anyone?), it’s that it’s a fully-functioning quadrotor. Yep, it flies! Built using foam core and a ton... Read more »


A group of UPenn Engineering students have taken several quadrotors and turned them into robotic musicians. We've seen the great swarming abilities of these machines recently, but now using various instruments and noisemakers, these aerial drones manage to plunk out a fairly convincing version of the "James Bond" theme. Read more »


It used to be that having your own quadrotor drone was cutting edge. Now that the average joe can pick one up at their local mall for a couple hundred bucks means that you've got to step your game up if you don't want to be seen as pedestrian. That's... Read more »

A clever idea, first reported by Gareth a couple years ago: Architects are trying to figure out how to use quadrotors to haul and place individual bricks. The above link is in French; here’s a Google translation. In 2011, Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello D’Andrea launched a pioneering project around... Read more »

What does every Quadrotor enthusiast look for in a landing platform? If you guessed swarming robots, pat yourself on the back. Yes, as if taking off and landing weren't hard enough, now you've got to wait for your landing surface to assemble itself. Read more »


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